Sanne Karssenberg obtained her Masters in Art and Design at the Sandberg Instituut, Fashion Matters in 2017. Her work is situated in the intersection of art and design, with a strong focus on materiality and textile.

She investigates and designs alternative perspectives and strategies within fashion. The relation between individual identity and global production, which she critically analysed in her MA thesis and project, are her main points of interest. Her work explores the role personalization can play for a possible future of embodied fashion design by focusing on the relationship between the wearer and their garments. She employs different media and forms to investigate how individual stories reflect and relate to larger societal structures.

After successfully finishing the Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Fashion Department in 2008, she worked as a designer and researcher in various self-initiated and collaborative fashion projects with a strong emphasis on social awareness. The projects were presented at platforms like the Amsterdam Fashion Week and Droog Design. She worked for two years as a researcher at wearable technology studio Pauline van Dongen, where she was responsible for concept research, prototype development and material research.

Currently, she develops self-initiated projects, working both collaboratively and on commission. She lives and works in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.